Staffing Analytics provides a wide-range of data-analytic solutions to help you maximize your bottom line and reduce inefficiencies in your business. Some of the solutions that we offer are:

Demand Forecasts for your products using advanced statistical forecasting models, so that you can preemptively allocate your resources to serve your customers.

Optimal Inventory Ordering using advanced mathematical and statistical models that ensure that you will never run short of ingredients or supplies while minimizing waste of unsold/unused quantities.

Optimal Staff Scheduling of your restaurant so that the supply of workers matches the hourly demand of your restaurant using powerful proprietary optimization algorithms. Keeping under control your payroll and overtime costs while ensuring the necessary service level at your restaurant at all hours is hedged against unexpected staff absences.

Optimal Pricing of your products using state-of-the-art AI algorithms to reveal the preferences and willingness to pay of your customers so that you are not leaving revenue opportunities on the table.

Logistics Decision Optimization: If you have multiple locations to serve and need optimal transportation schedules (minimizing costs and transportation times) we have proprietary algorithms that make this a seamless process.

Is your problem not listed here? No worries, the good news is that we are relentless problem-solvers. Contact us describing your challenges, and we will find a pragmatic solution to your problem!